Cottonelle :: The Respect Continues to Roll

OPPORTUNITY: Having established itself as a brand that isn’t afraid to take a taboo topic head on, Cottonelle® continued to differentiate itself in a category filled with key players that all look and talk the same.

CHALLENGE: In 2011 Cottonelle found itself in a familiar place, needing to jolt people out of their auto-pilot shopping mode and engage them in a category that no one likes to think about, let alone talk about. We had to find new ways to keep people engaged while maintaining their desire to care for the toilet paper that cares for them.

SOLUTION: TRIS3CT continued to help Cottonelle stand out and break through the category clutter with a second phase of the integrated Respect the Roll program, (still taking place in the fictional town of Where the Sun Don’t Shine). Frank conversations about respecting toilet paper are still the talk of the town. This time, though, TRIS3CT teamed with agency partner and PR firm, Ketchum, to enlist top designer Jonathan Adler to create a new series of designer roll covers featuring some of his most iconic patterns. Our goal: to elevate Cottonelle from being “just another toilet paper” into something much more—a Personal Care Brand. Program elements continued to emphasize the consumer call to action, “Respect the Roll.” The result—an impactful campaign that kept the conversation flowing and caused people to think twice about their toilet paper and what it truly does for them.

  • For the initial launch, 225K roll covers were redeemed in just 4 weeks.
  • On Facebook, Cottonelle’s “Likes” went from 50K to 130K in a matter of months.
  • Over 1.2 million roll covers are expected to be distributed over the length of the program.

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