Scott Naturals :: Toss The Tube

OPPORTUNITY: Scott was trying to establish its Naturals line of green paper products designed with features and performance to appeal to mainstream consumers. To support that positioning the brand was launching a new “tube free” toilet paper that would reduce a significant amount of waste without sacrificing quality.

CHALLENGE: Bath tissue is not a top of mind category for environmentally-conscious consumers. Most think of “green” paper products as those made with 100% recycled paper that results in rough texture and poor performance. Cardboard tubes are not even part of the equation.

SOLUTION: By quantifying the number of tubes being thrown away during relatable increments of time, such as a daily commute, TRIS3CT dramatized the significant amount of waste they create. These analogies helped consumers quickly grasp the magnitude of the issue, and combined with a challenge to “Toss the Tube for Good”, demonstrated that Scott Naturals was an easy way to do something positive for the environment. The program combined broadcast TV with an array of FSI, digital* and retail executions.

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