uni-ball :: Misfit Pens Get Put In Their Place

OPPORTUNITY: Elevate innovative, high performance uni-ball pens in a mass writing category moving toward inferior, low cost and private label writing instruments.
CHALLENGE: Most young adults pay little attention to the pens they use, further reinforced by category buyers stocking their shelves with cheap, low quality pens.
SOLUTION: TRIS3CT determined that for aspiring professionals, the choice of writing instruments is vital and a stylish, performance pen is analogous to other essential business gear. Like a cell phone, electronics, clothing and coffee, stepping up to a better brand is a badge of progress in today’s competitive work environment. A humorous collection of misfit pens served as a foil to challenge young adults to experience the “Instant Upgrade” of their first stroke with uni-ball. An in-pack promotion drove consumers to the brand’s Facebook page where they could instantly win essential gear and a range of interactive upgrades woven into an immersive brand experience.
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