Kawasaki :: Lone Ranger

Challenge: Shifting Kawasaki’s brand image toward premium in a powersports category where all four Japanese OEMs have limited differentiation, is no small task. Add a limited media budget, and the challenge becomes even more difficult.

Connecting Insight: Associating Kawasaki with a premium entertainment experience offered an innovative, effective way to amplify the brand’s “cool” factor while heightening its visibility.

Brand Idea: Live the Legend

Exponential Solution: The surprising pairing of Kawasaki with Disney’s The Lone Ranger (set in the 1800s) proved to be the perfect vehicle for elevating the brand. The program, Live the Legend, was an integrated campaign that showed how the same rebel spirit that drove men west in search of adventure still lives today in the Kawasaki rider. Web content featuring film footage hand-selected by director Gore Verbinski anchored the program, while TV, print, retail, and digital surrounded Kawasaki’s enthusiast target. The relationship with Disney’s The Lone Ranger also gave Kawasaki access to high-visibility movie launch and PR events, as well as alliances with other movie partners — including participation in a national promotion at 27,000 Subway locations.

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